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In a meeting "with Chinese characteristics"

Date: 2014-11-06

China's ambassador to the United States, said cui 4, the meeting being held in Beijing, the two heads of states has special important significance.
U.S. President barack Obama is about to go to Beijing to attend the apec economic leaders' meeting and state visit to China.Cui said: "this time the two heads of state meeting should certainly in recent years in particular, the two heads of state last year Anna's manor, since the meeting the two sides in building a new type of power relations in the progress, also want to continue to promote this new type of power relations in the future outlook, reaffirm commitment, put forward the goal."
Cui said that china-us relations now in a new historical moment, Mr Obama's trip and of the "xi" with a "special significance", there will be a lot of "what to watch for and bright".
Again - As the last, for the two heads of state met in which place is full of curiosity.Cui tiankai, said the specific protocol arrangement needs foreign ministry released "authority".But he said, there are many good place in Beijing, China will find a "place" with Chinese characteristics, Chinese way of hospitality, culture and history, visit not only has a formal event, also can have the special arrangement for the intercourse between China and the two heads of state.