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Grand Skylight Catic Hotel Beijing, 이 는 올림픽 촌 안에 있 는 북 진 동 로 에 위치 하고 베 이 징 올림픽 스타디움 과 가 깝 고 국제 회의 센터 와 거리 가 멀 며 지리 적 위치 가 좋 고 교통 이 편리 하 다.
호텔 은 심 천 그 랜 드 호텔 관리 유한 공사 가 투자 경영 관리 하 는 고급 비 즈 니스 호텔 로 다양한 유형의 객실 을 갖 추고 편안 하고 따뜻 하 며 모든 방 에 중앙 에어컨, 국제 직통 전화, 미니 바, 냉장고, 금고, 위성 폐쇄 회로, 무선 인터넷 등 을 갖 추고 있다.
호텔 내 유럽식 풍정 레스토랑 은 정통 프랑스 식 레스토랑 을 경영 한다.태극 광 둥 요리 에서 식당 은 신 파 광 둥 요 리 를 관리 하 는데 이들 은 모두 대형 연회 나 결혼식 을 개최 하 는 가장 좋 은 장소 이다.
호텔 은 각종 크기, 기능 이 다른 회의 공간 을 가지 기 때문에 그 어떠한 행사 와 비 즈 니스 회 의 를 개최 할 수 있다.다 용도 청 - 운 해 청 은 650 명 을 동시에 수용 할 수 있 고 동시통역, 화상 회의 와 다른 선진 적 인 디지털 회의 설 비 를 갖 출 수 있다.여기 서 객실, 회의, 레저, 식사 등 은 상상 을 초월 하 는 편안 함 과 즐거움 을 가 져 다 줄 것 입 니 다. 직접 체험 해 보시 기 바 랍 니 다.
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호텔 FAQ
  • 이 호텔은 Capital Airport Beijing 에서 얼마나 떨어져 있습니까?

    공항에서 Grand Skylight Catic Hotel Beijing 18.1km.

  • Grand Skylight Catic Hotel Beijing 은(는) 공항 셔틀을 운행합니까?

    예, 예약 후 연락 주시기 바랍니다.

  • Grand Skylight Catic Hotel Beijing 의 체크인 & 체크아웃 시간은 어떻게 되나요?

    체크인 시간은 14:00이후, 체크아웃 시간은 12:00이전.

  • Grand Skylight Catic Hotel Beijing 에 수영장과 체육관 있나요?

    호텔에는 체육관이 있지만 수영장은 없습니다. 수영장 및 다른 시설에 대한 상세 내용은 이 페이지에서 확인하시기 바랍니다.

  • Grand Skylight Catic Hotel Beijing 내에 레스토랑이 있나요?

    네, 호텔에서 먹을 수 있습니다.

  • Grand Skylight Catic Hotel Beijing 광대역 또는 Wi-Fi가 있습니까?

    예, 자세한 내용은 호텔 프런트 데스크에 문의하십시오.

  • Grand Skylight Catic Hotel Beijing 선불로 결제 하시겠습니까?

    저희에게 연락하기 전에 주문을 제출하십시오.

  • Grand Skylight Catic Hotel Beijing 신용카드로 결제하실 수 있으며?

    아니요, 호텔은받지 않습니다.

  • Grand Skylight Catic Hotel Beijing 의 아침 식사는 얼마입니까?

    식사 CNY98 / 사람.

  • Grand Skylight Catic Hotel Beijing 의 숙박 요금은 얼마인가요?

    집값에서 CNY799 위안이, 숙박 날짜나 호텔 정책 등에 따라 숙박 요금이 달라질 수 있습니다.

고객 후기 더
  • fr725
    It's OK. It's OK. It's OK. It's OK
  • attorney
    very nice
  • ?? unique Star
    not bad
  • e04431330
    Figure a convenience
  • laisily
    Hotel environment is very good, next to the bird's nest! The hotel is hygienic and worth staying.
  • Jiffy
    very good
  • BAOBAO2009
    Quiet in the noise, the room is very clean
  • meme112
    Every time I come to Beijing on business, I live here. The location is very convenient and convenient. There are a few places to eat and breakfast around, and the Internet speed of the hotel is a little slow.
  • movesale
    The hotel is next to the bird's nest. You can see the whole Olympic Sports Park. It's pretty good overall
  • lianyi
    It's a good location. It's OK next to the bird's nest
  • yeliang66
    Went to the National Convention Center for a meeting and stayed there all night. The waiter was quite friendly. But the peripheral and hardware are not very good. The hardware is old, four-star level. There is a bird's nest behind, but it doesn't make any sense unless you want to go to the bird's nest. There is no business or food nearby. What's more terrible is that when I checked in that night, it was noisy, like living next to a karaoke shop. He told the front desk to change rooms. He said someone had a concert. It won't be long. Just wait. It ended at about 90 o'clock, which made me dizzy. Friends who want to rest should not take the risk. No more.
  • jimwolf
    Next to the nest, you can see the nest from a high position. The facilities are average in five stars! Everything else was very good!
  • mysour
    Bird's nest neighbor, convenient transportation
  • duo_wang
    The hotel environment is very good, very close to the bird's nest! It's a big bed. I'll upgrade the suite for free when I go to the store. I like it!
  • ggg9123
    very good
  • jordanlee
    Hotel reservation for business trip, location is very good, very convenient.
  • seamoon
    The hotel front desk is warm and patient when checking in. The room is cleaned every day. The hotel has a high safety factor. You have to swipe the room card when taking the elevator. Very satisfied with a stay.
  • susan_crystal
    The hotel is clean and the location is good.
  • e03243120
    The room was ok, the catering cost performance was average
  • e00109222
    just so so
  • tieniu35
    The hotel has superior location, convenient transportation, quiet in the middle of trouble, clean rooms and warm layout. Compared with hotels of the same grade, it has high cost performance. The hotel rooms are very clean, the layout is very warm, the bedding is very comfortable, everything necessary is available, the waiter is very friendly and will stay next time.
  • figs2008
  • candystore
    Multiple check-in, satisfied
  • asdcfe
    The location of the hotel is good. It's very convenient to eat and play
  • crise511
    It's very convenient to live in the exhibition. It's very close to the bird's nest and the water cube. It's good to go out for a walk at night
  • beijingblue
    The hotel environment is very good, the location is superior and the service is quite good. It's very close to the business district and it's very convenient. It's worth staying next time. It's convenient to park.
  • janety
    not bad
  • clmoyc
    Hotel location is very good, go out is the bird's nest, open the window can see the panorama of the Olympic Forest Park, when you have no time to take a walk in the park to exercise, the hotel is clean and sanitary, good service!
  • edwardxu
    It's OK to take the children out to play
  • Laury
    I like living here every time I come. It's good.
  • liufengsl
    The hotel is good, but it seems to be under construction. Parking and transportation are troublesome.
  • linyuan1112
  • e00895425
    I've lived three times. It's convenient to go to the water cube and the science and Technology Museum!
  • e00135469
    I ordered it for my friend. I've been living here for so many days since I came to Beijing. No matter how far away my friend works, I don't mean to change the hotel. It's good
  • doctorli88
    very good
  • jt6909
    The transportation is convenient, especially to visit the surrounding areas. The bird's nest and water cube are nearby
  • betty791225
    Fortunately, the price is a little high, the room is not big
  • icjobs
    Convenient transportation, beautiful night scenery, very beautiful experience
  • e02736616
    Come often. It's convenient to stay here for meetings
  • bygones123
    Not bad...
  • bestcobra
  • artaniscjc
    It's inconvenient to park. There are too few parking spaces in front of the door, and the parking lot next to it even has to charge. The parking space in front of the hotel is also narrow. If there is a car waiting for someone, the car behind will not be able to pass. This is very inconvenient
  • afubing
    My friend was very satisfied. The service of the hotel was very good
  • babyli
    The transportation is convenient and the room is very comfortable
  • estelle13131
    Not bad. It's a good bird's Nest Hotel
  • baifa
    Opening the curtains is the bird's nest. The night view of Olympic Sports Park is beautiful. Thank you for arranging such a good room for us. The hotel is clean and beautiful, a little far away from the subway entrance
  • Leiter
    It's close to the bird's nest. It's a very good choice. I often stay
    Very warm
  • e05920373
    Good location, next to the bird's nest, high-quality service.
  • lionbj
    It's a great hotel
  • afaafaafa
    Just one night. It's OK. It's convenient to go to the exhibition.
  • Amandaly
    The hotel bed is a little small and far from the catering area. It's not timely for the waiter to call the car.
  • Alfred_liu
    A five-star hotel not only needs five-star hardware facilities, but also has a five-star service level. The hotel is repairing the square in front of the hotel hall. Unexpectedly, the management of the hotel asked us to park our car on the side of the road, and our attitude is extremely awesome. Hehe, the security guard is trying to find a way. On this point, such a hotel will not be considered in the future.
  • linglc
    Very good. Check in many times
  • bearbabycarol
    Very satisfied with the hotel, I went to work nearby, everything was very good, the customer was very satisfied, I can still stay here in the future.
  • e00212875
  • greenrelax
    It's OK. The facilities are old
  • baicai62821403
    It's close to the bird's nest, but it takes a lot of walking to go around in the East. Especially in the hot summer, it's hard. During the concert, the door in the east of the bird's nest was not allowed to go, so it really took a big turn to the bird's nest.
  • cybernum
    Overall, I feel good /.
  • comdy
  • emmadong412
    Good. Come back next time
  • apple19821121
    The landscape is very good. You can see the bird's nest at night, the hotel configuration is also very new, the quality of tourists is quite good, the coordination ability of the front desk is very strong, and the communication is also very smooth. Thank you, happy to settle in!
  • jindan8318
    Right next to the bird's nest, you can see the bird's nest because of staying in the hotel. The front desk told you that there was no room facing the bird's nest. I would stay in a room on the fourth floor. I heard the sound of mice at night and asked to change the room the next day. The front desk changed to the 11th floor, but I still didn't change the room facing the bird's nest. I'm a little disappointed!
  • glwang
    The location of the hotel is very good, clean and tidy, and will stay in the future.
  • evaliu
    The equipment and service are poor! There is no clear consumption sign for the on-demand documentary. When we enter the hotel, the doorman actually looks at our own unloading of large and small bags!
  • e02317790
  • peng_xue_bing
    The hotel is very close to the bird's nest and the price is not expensive
  • sunnylee663
    The location and environment are very good. It's very convenient to go to the airport. The hotel facilities are a little old. The Chinese restaurant upstairs is good. It's suitable for business activities. The price is relatively reasonable
  • cedarbird
    Just beside the bird's nest, you can see the bird's nest clearly. The front desk service is friendly. The hotel is not very new, but the hygiene is good. The room is a little small. Anyway, I will go back to sleep, which can be ignored!
  • dj9735215
    In addition to the good position, there are not many others to praise. The bathroom is too small.
  • apelila
    OK, Xiaogui
  • bao03bao
    The hotel is very awesome because the room reservation problem is free and upgrade.
  • overrain88
    Every aspect is very good. It's very close to the bird's nest. It's convenient to take a taxi and go shopping
  • e00586511
    The facilities are a little old, but the hotel service is really super good. It's one of the best hotels in China
  • cassy1220
    not bad
  • green0apple
    Good environment, friendly service!
  • coastsea
    Not bad
  • liaodao
  • aodo007
    High cost performance, good location, convenient travel
  • cfamily
    very good