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Hot mom dad baby together to try to sleep!

Date: 2014-11-11

Recently, where net (nasdaq: qunr) announced start recruiting doll sleep.Doll sleep member orientation from 0 to 12 years old, in children's unique Angle of view to choose more appropriate holidaying in the hotel.Doll sleep member of the "access" where will make the network for the youngest hotels try to sleep.
"What hotel sanya is the most suitable for babies under the age of three? What are around Beijing have family room resort hotel is suitable for take a 6-year-old children stay together?"This is where the net recently hotel division general manager Mr Bo often received a net friend."A lot of times, travel food which hotel, the biggest determinant is a child."Sheboygan, introduction, where net doll sleep member recruiting object positioning for three, children sleep is still unable to complete the whole test process, needs the help of parents.Hotel family room, children's entertainment facilities projects, children experience hosting service and hotel overall safety is holidaying families to consider the key factors.
It is understood that the first batch of "baby try to sleep" family will receive free travel awards, Hokkaido December in Hokkaido star field tomamu resorts, experience the forest fairy tale world restaurant, specially designed for children of nipo children's paradise and winter Hokkaido very safe powder snow skiing experience curriculum.Who wish bo said, where net "baby try to sleep" recruiting hope to users through hotel reviews homework before departure of everything you need to rely on spectral information, observation and experience with parents more targeted details view, for the guests to provide more accurate travel family travel guide.Where the net began in March 2010 to recruit the first hotel try to sleep, now has 4288 hotels try to sleep.Where the cumulative net to try sleep member pay a total of 4342268 yuan fund.