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APEC vacation starting on the first day of 477000 people to travel by train

Date: 2014-11-10

"This is almost catch up with the Spring Festival railway station!"An eldest brother just entered the Beijing west railway station square, couldn't help feeling are better than one, he put the children a little more tightly around, motioned fell behind her daughter-in-law to walk again hurry up.Everybody long-awaited APEC holiday officially launched today, Beijing railway station and passenger travel peak.According to railway department forecast, four stations a total of 477000 passengers, including send passengers up to Beijing west railway station, 185000.
At half past eight in the morning, the reporter comes to Beijing south railway station, a subway station of Beijing south station gate see far away to the ticket hall had pulled upward escalator in the red line.In order to guarantee safe operation of the elevator, south station staff with body ACTS as a cordon, escalator people just stood in the elevator to keep order.Upstairs to the security of train passengers have line up four lines, a girl kept looking at watch, pull out the front neck to see progress, seem to be very anxious.
A staff told reporters that in previous years in November and December is the travel off-season, has more than 90000 people a day, which had seen so many passengers, call "terrible".
50 points at 9 o 'clock, the reporter also came to the Beijing station, here also a lot of passengers.The people on the station square as the eye can see edge.People rush around, pull a suitcase wheels, with policeman with a police dog in the stream of people move back and forth from time to time, it felt like the coming Spring Festival in advance.