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Beijing suburbs should go the way of characteristic agriculture

Date: 2014-10-31

Beijing agricultural has embarked on a track of traditional agriculture transforming to the urban modern agriculture.Beijing is Beijing's battleground for agriculture, promote development of agriculture is also Beijing core area and power source, Beijing suburbs agriculture must find out the correct development direction.
Beijing suburbs agriculture essential, is also promising.From the sense of the people's livelihood, this is the foundation of Beijing suburbs farmers survival, also provide important support for urban people's agricultural product demand.On the ecological value, can also bring beautify, purify air, optimization of the ecological and other benefits.At the same time, the unstable "farming", in solving rural labor, the harmonious rural relations of production, stable and social benefits, agriculture is more important.Therefore, to continue to play a fundamental role in Beijing suburbs of agricultural development in Beijing is of great significance.We need through a variety of policy guidance, increase investment, support and encourage farmers engaged in agricultural production, reduce waste, reduce the idle people, increase farmers' income, a stable rural structure, to achieve a variety of "a piece of land, less spare one and rich family, drive a large" effect.
Also want to see at the same time, Beijing agricultural subject to soil, climate, water and other basic conditions, development level is uneven.The author thinks that, relative to the scale of the way, the Beijing suburbs agriculture is more suitable for characterization of the walk.
So-called characterization, the first is to small and exquisite, not a lot.Beijing has a total area of 60%, in the mountain areas are mainly distributed in the suburbs, square shape the land resources are scarce, only suitable for moderate scale development, encourage cooperatives, family farms, etc., planning a good direction to choose good varieties, good control of each link, go "no I have, people have my superior, optimal I" way.The second is to high technology, high benefit.Land value and human cost requirements of Beijing industry must improve business efficiency, therefore, characteristic agriculture must adhere to science and technology support, innovation drive, high production new variety development, production of high-value agricultural products.Again is to the brand development.This means that the standardization mode, program production, standardized marketing and systematic service, expand the fame and influence, continuously increase the added value of agricultural products.
Finally, the Beijing suburbs characteristic agriculture must go industrial linkage, just a little more in the development of tertiary industry integration.Especially in the face of such a huge consumer market, Beijing do one, secundiparity combined with development, deep processing of agricultural products, agricultural products production, research and development of new agricultural machinery manufacturing, etc.;Do one, tertiary industry integration development, leisure sightseeing agriculture agricultural culture, farming culture experience, performance, folk tourism, education, scientific agriculture, etc., will provide Beijing suburbs agriculture rich contents and great potential.